Friday, April 3, 2009

Bella 8 months already

I can't believe my little princess is growing so fast but she still is so little she is only in the fifth percent for her weight, and she is not even thinking about crawling she will barely sit up but she just falls over every once in a while. And yes she is still the center of attention in the Fernandez home today Denen smashed a gold fish and gave it to her and she started choking and Seth couldn't move he was so scared he said he thought Denen killed his sister and he just started bawling he is so protective over Bella- all of the boys are.
Well we went to Payson for the day during sring break and I had a lot of fun taking some pictures it is so pretty up there right now. The boys loved it and wanted to go camping and fishing but I don't think I'm too excited to do that with Bella yet. We did take them to the lake and they fished for a little while. We had alot of fun.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Bella is 7 months today

Ok my disc space is too full so I can't download my pictures off my camera so I have to copy them to a CD so I have an old picture of her. I will be posting some new ones as soon as I can get those downloaded.

I have been having way too much fun with my Bella Bella well we all have. She pretty much runs the house - everyone stops to watch and play with her all the time. She absulutely loves her Daddy and her brothers she watches them all the time and soon will be crawling after them. Denen, Seth, and Zavier are the best babysitters they are so sweet to her!! But she is a mommys girl she will not take a bottle for anything she won't even take breast milk in the bottle she perfers the real thing. It's my fault I spoil her but I just can't help it she is just so darn cute and I feel bad when she crys so have to hold her all day long!! Life is great we honestly needed our princess during this tough time.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Srikes Over

Ok I have been on strike but I am back I have way too much to post. I guess I go through phases where I lack motivation I think because when I get on the computer I am on it for hours and my family wonders where their mommy is. I have some cute pictures of Bella she is already six months old where did all the time go? I will post rhem soon.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Queen Creek Bulldogs class of '98

Our 10 year reunion was Oct. 18th it made me feel really old but then young again seeing all my old classmates. Jose and I have gone to school with some of them since elementry it was neat to see them and hang out again of course some of them I see all the time which is an added bonus. We went to the homecoming football game on Fri. and then on Sat. we went to a place called Casa Blanca and opened our time capsule which was destroyed when they were making the old high school into the middle school. But it was really cool because mine and Jose's IDs were stuck together-we thought it was funny. Well it was a fun weekend being 17 again!!

Bella is 3 MONTHS!!!

I canit belive my princess is already three months! She runs this house for sure her Daddy and her brothers are wrapped around her finger- ok I am too(: I can't help it she just so darn cute.

Wrestling pictures from June

I just had to post these it was Seths first year wrestling and as you can see he was doing pretty good on top. He won his first match and took second place all together at the tournament loosing once (I think Jose shed a few). Seth was pretty pumped up about his medal and his muscles. Denen the champ took first place and I swear he wore that medal for a week asking if I wanted to wear it too. I absolutly love watching my boys wrestle -it is a lot for me to not want to run out on that mat and pin that little boy myself it takes self control along with LOTS of screaming and cheering. Well the season doesn't start until March and this time I'll have three boys to watch Zavier is going to do it too I think he's already picked up a few moves from his brothers- I guess it helps having a wrestling mat in your garage at least thats what Jose says to justify it.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Ok maybe it's because I just had a baby and my hormones are crazy but I have been looking at pictures and crying because I can't believe how fast my Denen has grown! I can't believe I became a mother for the first time 8 years ago today. I wish we could rewind time to go back to those fun ages and then come back to present but never fast forward it goes fast enough. My baby is going to be baptized and be in cub scouts he is so excited to grow up and do these things. He is an amazing little boy I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father for him he is so special he always brings a smile and makes me laugh- he always has some smart alec remark he is a little bit like his dad. Happy Birthday to My DENEN our family would not be functional without you!!